1970- ja 1980-lukujen vaihteessa kiinnyin 1950-luvun tyyliseen rockiin ja sen eri tyylilajeihin. Innoittajina olivat tuolloin erityisesti Buck Jonesin eri bändit (His Rhythm Riders ja His Lone Star Cowboys), Teddy & The Tigers, Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers ja Matchbox. Monet teddyboyt ja rockarit kasvoivat tuolloisesta nuorisomuodista eroon, mutta eivät kaikki. Minulle jäivät päälle musiikin lisäksi flipperit, jukeboksit, amerikkalaiset autot… Koko elämäntapa.

LISTAUS ”ALAN” (rockabilly, ’50’s rock’n’roll, country, psychobilly, jne.) LEVYISTÄ JA MUSIIKISTA.

A-H | J-Ö

MC  =    musiikkikasetti
LP  =    12 tuuman vinyyli pitkäsoitto
2LP =    tupla-LP
EP  =    12 tuuman vinyyli, enemmän kuin kaksi biisiä, mutta ei LP
SP  =    7 tuuman vinyyli jolla enintään kaksi biisiä
7” EP = 7 tuuman vinyyli jolla enemmän kuin 2 biisiä
CD =     laserlevy pitkäsoitto
CD-SP = laserlevy, jolla yksi tai kaksi biisiä
CD-EP = laserlevy, jolla enemmän kuin kaksi biisiä, mutta ei CD
2CD =    tupla-CD
3CD =    tripla-CD
PCD =    poltettu CD
EP-PCD = EP poltettuna CD:lle
MC/LP = itselläni musiikkikasetilla, mutta kaverilta löytyy LP
MC/CD = itselläni musiikkikasetilla, mutta kaverilta löytyy CD
MC/SP = itselläni musiikkikasetilla, mutta kaverilta löytyy SP
KOE SP = levy-yhtiön testilevy SP
KOE EP = levy-yhtiön testilevy EP
KOE LP = levy-yhtiön testilevy LP

In the Beginning – Johanna Years 1979-1984: Johanna JHNCD 2532 (2CD)

Aikka Hakala & Bandits
True Stories - Mostly: Bluelight Records BLR 3341 2 (CD)

Aikka Hakala Beaverhunters
Please Don't Touch: Bluelight Records BLR 4570 2 (CD-EP)

Southern Star: BMG PL88587 (LP)
Collections: Sony BMG 82876756632 (CD)

Listen to What Archie Sez: Kix4U 4U2224 (MC/LP)

Only one thing: Poko Records PIS 087 (SP)
Rodeo Daddy/Jello Sal: Poko Records PIS 076 (SP)
The Song of the Stolen Roses: Poko Records FORMULA 1 (LP)

Bad Sign
Born Under Bad Sign/Runaround: Bluelight Records BLR 3330 2 (CD)
Travlin’ Bone – The Bad Sign Anthology 1983-1988: Bluelight Records BLR 33141 2 (2CD)

Beach Boys
Original Gold CD1: Disky BX 857892 (CD)
Original Gold CD2: Disky BX 857902 (CD)
Big Bobber
Chantilly Lace:                     (MC/LP)

Big Daddy
Meanwhile...Back in the States:     (MC/LP)

Bill Haley & the Comets
Legends in Music: Spectrum LECD001 (CD)
Rock Around the Clock: Success 2089CD (CD)
Rock & Roll Heroes: MCPS RR005 (CD)
Rock Around The Clock: Hallmark SHM 668 (MC/LP)
The Golden King of Rock:                (MC/LP)
Rock Around the Clock: Hallmark HSC 134 (MC)

Billie Jo Spears
20 Country Greats: MCPS PLATCD 1104 (CD)

Billy Fury
The Best of Billy Fury: K-Tel ECD3008 (CD)

Billy Ray Cyrus
Achy Breaky Heart: Mercury 864 054-7 (SP)

Black Bisons
Rockin' Days: Kerberos KEL 623 (LP)

Blue Cats
Fight Back: Rockhouse BRP 2034 (CD+LP)
Early Days:                    (MC)
The Blue Cats: Rockhouse LPL 8011 (MC/LP)

(The) Blues Brothers
Everybody Needs Somebody to Love: Atlantic 7567-87951-7 (SP)

Bobby Atkins
The Heart and Soul of Country Music: Thunderbolt Records TB-721901 (CD)
Sings The Hits of “Hall of Famers”: Thunderbolt Records TB 72427 – CD (CD)

Bobby Atkins and Margie Lynn
Crimes of the Heart: Richway Records RRCD 1003 (CD)

Bobby Bare & Waylon Jennings
Members Edition: MCPS UAE 30832 (CD)

Bobby Vinton
Greatest Hits: Companion 6187412 (MC/CD)

Ducktails:                        (MC/SP)
Original: Talsti Home Records EDCD0702 (CD)

Bob Cats
Bob Cats:                         (MC/LP)
Wild Jungle Rock:                 (MC/LP)

Fan-Pix: SOS Records SOS LP 018 (LP)
Gonna Find My Angel: Sonet T-10381 (SP)
Keep on Boppin':                (MC/LP)
News:                           (MC/LP)
Number 1:                       (MC/LP)
Boppin' Pete and Texas Rangers
Some other time EP: Rebel PETE 008 (SP+KOE EP)
Boppin' Pete Trio
Rainin' & Stormin': Rebel ROLLS 009 (LP+KOE LP)
The Feudin Boogie: Rebel PETE 015 (EP)
Golden Hits vol 1: Rebel/My Way Rec WAY CD 31 (CD)

Boxcar Willie
King of the Road: Wise Buy WB 870962 (CD)
(The) Boys
Suomi-rockin korkeakoulu 40 vuotta: WEA 5050467-2885-2-2 (2CD)
Brandy Rockers
Rockin’ Decade Rarities 1979-1981: SONOS Records SO300106-1 (CD)

Brenda Lee
Brenda's Best: CeDe International CD 66043 (CD)
Golden Decade (MC)

Brian Setzer ’68 Comeback Special
Ignition!: Surfalong Records SD-67124-2 (CD)

Brian Setzer Orchestra
The Ultimate Collection: Surfdog (2CD)

Brian Setzer & The Tomcats
Stray Cat Strut: RADA CD01100012 (CD)

Buck Jones
Buck Fever Boogie: Rebel BUCKS 003 (SP)
Bad: Rebel ROLLS 003 (LP+PCD)
Explosive Rock-a-billy 2: Hogfarm HOG 022 (CD)

Buck Jones and His Lone Star Cowboys
Everybody's Rockin' Tonight: Rebel BUCKS 02(EP+KOE EP)

Buck Jones and His Rhythm Riders
Rockabilly Fever: Rebel Bucks 001 (SP)
Crazy Chicken Boogie: EMI 9C 062-38348 (LP)
Crazy Chicken Boogie: Rebel ROLLS 002 (KOE LP)
Explosive Rock-A-Billy: Rebel ROLLS 001 (LP)
Crazy Chicken Boogie/Explosive Rockabilly: Rebel/My Way Rec WAY CD 30 (CD)
I'm Gonna Rock Your Brains Out: Hogfarm HOG 002 (CD)
Rbilly Boogie: Hogfarm HOG 001 (CD-EP)
Never Give Up: Hogfarm HOG 003 (CD)

Buck Jones & Teddy Guitar
The Newest Wawe: Rebel WAWE 012 (SP)
Sunny Side of The Mountains: Rebel SUNNY 013 (KOE SP+SP)
California '81: Rebel ROLLS 007 (LP)

Buck Jones Texas Rooster
Texas Rooster: Hogfarm HOG 018 (CD)
Speedster: Hogfarm HOG 023 (CD)

Buck Jones with the Hooks
Bitch: Euros SIN 1001 (LP)

Buddy Holly
The very best of: Arcade 01 2660 22 (2LP)
23 All Time Greatest Hits: Astan 20125 (MC/2LP)
That’ll be the day: Not Now Music NOT2CD247 (CD)

Buddy Rider 'n' the Black Bisons
Bobby's boogie/The Train: Fifty-Fifty FFS 69 (SP)

Buona Sera
Moonrocks!: JK3CD-003 (CD)

Candy Kids
You Dance Only Rock'n Roll: TopHits-FinnHits EALP 219 (LP)

Sä leikit vain: fifty-fifty FFS 62 (SP)

Carl Perkins
A Sun Sound Special: SUN           (MC)
SUN Story: SUN                     (MC/LP)

Chris Isaak
Wicked Game: Reprise Records 922 847-7 (SP)
Blue Spanish Sky: WEA 5439-19141-7 (SP)
Lie to Me: WEA 5439-19389-7 (SP)
Blue Hotel: WEA 5439-19416-7 (SP)
Dancin’: WEA 5439-19342-7 (SP)

Chuck Berry
Roll Over Beethoven: Success 2103CD (CD)
20 Greatest Hits: Black Tulip 28005 (MC/LP)

Clint Eastwood
Bronco Billy Original Soundtrack: Electra 5E-512-B (LP)

Connie Francis
24 Greatest Hits: Companion 6187082 (MC/LP)

Conway Twitty
Big Train: Astan 20114 (MC/LP)

Country Express
Good Old - Brand New: EMI 9C 062-38292
Country Album: Castle CALP 8 (2LP)
Country Express: EMI 5E 062-36019 (LP)
Everybody Needs a Friend: FG Music FGSCD-005 (CD-SP)

Country Life
Ten Years: Music Barn MBP 8806 (LP)

Crazy Cavan 'n' the Rhythm Rockers
Cool and Crazy Rock-A-Billy: Polarvox LJLP 1005 (LP)
Rough Tough 'n' Ready:                        (MC/LP+PCD)
Cavan Suomessa Radio Jyväskylä 22.8.1989    (MC+PCD)
Best of:                               (MC/LP+PCD)
Red Hot Rockabilly:                    (MC/LP+PCD)
Crazy Rhythm:                          (MC/LP+PCD)
Our Own Way of Rockin':                (MC/LP)
Live at the Rainbow: Marilla (Charly) MALP-1019 (LP)
Rockability:                           (MC/LP+PCD)
Still Crazy:                           (MC/LP+PCD)
Rollin' through the night:  CRCD 04R (CD)

Creedence Clearwater Revival
All Time Hits: Euros Records SINCD 1060 (CD)
MTV Music History: PolyGram HALO13 (2CD)
2 in 1 ’69-’70 (Bayou Country & Cosmo’s Factory: PolyGram HALO (CD)

(The) Crickets
That’ll be the Day: Not Now Music NOT2CD247 (CD)

C. Rown & The Coronets
No One to Talk to (Vol 3): Playground CRCCD-003 (CD-SP)

Cruisin': Rockin' RL 5004 (LP)
Find Somebody New: Rockin' RS 503 (SP)

Crystal Gayle
Crystal Gayle: Disky SI 857382 (CD)

Dallas Wayne and the Dimlights
Screamin' Down the Highway: Bluelight BLR 3342 2 (CD)
Part of the Crew: Amigo Musik Finland AMFCD1012 (CD)
Buckle Up, Baby: Amigo AMFCD1009 (CD)

Danny and The Thunders
My Little Sister's Gotta Motobike: Rockin' REP 401 (EP)

Dave Haapa & Jets
Bella: Gold Disc GDS 232 (SP)

Dave Phillips
Wild Youth:                            (MC/LP)

Dave Taylor
Won’t You: DT Records MCPS DTS 002 (SP)
Mr. Rock:                              (MC/LP)
Dave Travis & the Bad River Band
Rockabilly Killer: Polarvox LJLP 1007 (LP)

Funny Girl/Love is Forever: Goofin GOOFY 509 (SP)

Del Shannon
20 Greatest Hits: M.C.R. Productions 2636882 (CD)
Runaway: K-tel RUN-40 A (SP)
Runaway: Columbia 982748 7 (SP)

Demended Are Go
Holy Hack Jack: I.D.Records EYE T 8 (EP)
In Sickness & in Health: ID NOSE 9 (MC/LP)
Kicked Out of Hell: ID NOSE 21 (MC/LP)

Dion & the Belmonts
18 Greatest Hits: Companion 6187042 (CD)

Dixie Chicks
Home: Columbia 509603 2 (CD)

Dixie Fried
Dixie Fried: Lighthouse LHLP-113 (LP)
Six Dicks od Dynamite: Power Records POWLP 11 (LP)
New Deal: My Way Records WAY 1218 (LP)
Stay Really Close to me now: Lighthouse LHS-130 (SP)

Dolly Parton
The Great Pretender:             (MC/LP)
In White Limozeen: CBS 465135 1 (LP)
Rainbow: CBS 460451 1 (LP)
Love Album: RCA PL 89245 (LP)
The Best of: BMG Camden 74321 476802 (CD)
The River Unbroken: CBS 651202 7 (SP)
I Know You by Heart: CBS 651434 7 (SP)
Why’d You Come in Here Lookin’ Like That: CBS 654903 7 (SP)

Don Williams
Countryboy:                      (MC)
Greatest Hits Volume One: ABC Records MCL 1761 (LP)
Volume II:                       (MC)
Love Stories: BMG Camden 74321 432562 (CD)
Don Williams: Disky SI 857352 (CD)
The Masters: Eagle Masters EAB CD 026 (CD)
(The) Drifters
Under the Boardwalk: K-tel RUN-40 B (SP)

Duany Eddy
20 Greatest Hits: Prima Records PXCD 105 (CD)
21 Greatest Guitar Hits: Companion 6187281 (MC/LP)

Ballin' keen EP: Johanna JHNEP 114 (EP)

Dwight Yoakam
Just Lookin' for a Hit: Reprise WX 310 (LP)
Hillbilly deluxe: Reprise 925 567-1 (LP)
Buenas Noches from a Lonely Room: Reprise WX 193 (LP)
Guitars Cadillacs Etc. Etc.: Reprise 1-25372  (LP)

Eddie Cochran
Somethin' Else: Capehart 5003 (MC/LP)
The Legend:                   (MC/LP)
The Very Best Of:             (MC/LP)
Rare ‘n’ Rockin’: Music Club MCCD 318 (CD)

Eero, Jussi & The Boys
Kesämuisto/Aave-Cadillac:  (SP)

Ellis and the Angry Teens
Put the blame on alcohol: Goofin Records GRCD 6094 (CD)
Can You Hear the Sound: (PCD)

Elvis Presley
The Sun Collections:          (MC/LP)
Elvis Presley Vol 1: RCA PK 42298 (MC)
Elvis Presley Vol 2: RCA PK 42298 (MC)
Elvis Presley Vol 3: RCA PK 42298 (MC)
Heartbreak Hotel:                 (MC/LP)
Kissin’ Cousins (PCD)
Speedway (PCD)
Something for Everybody (PCD)
Elvis (PCD)
The Ultimate Performance (PCD)
NBC TV Specials (PCD)
The First Ten Years (PCD)
Live in Las Vegas: RCA PB49177 (SP)
The Original Hit Albums: Not Now Music NOT3CD001 (3CD)

Emmylou Harris
Spyboy: Grapewine CDGPS244 (CD-EP)

Everly Brothers
20 Golden Love Songs: Spectrum SPEC 85016 (CD)
The Collection: Castle Communication CCSLP 139 (MC/LP)

(The) Fabulous Thunderbirds
Powerful Stuff (Cocktail Soundtrack): Electra 969 384-7 (SP)
Stand Back: Epic EPC 650981 7 (SP)

Bad Luck: Rebel FALCON 016 (KOE SP+SP)
Flamin': Rebel ROLLS 010 (LP)
Live Eindhoven 3.10.1981: (MC+PCD)

Fats Domino
Fats Domino: California CEP 330 (EP)
20 Greatest Hits: Companion 6187142 (CD)

Flying Saucers
Planet of the Drapes: Nevis NEV LP 114 (LP)
Some like it hot: EMI 7C062-07461 (LP)
The Ballad of Johnny Reb: Polarvox RHEP 7903 (EP)
Flying Tonight: EMI TC-EMC 3401  (MC)
Keep on Comin':                  (MC/LP)

Fire (MC/LP)
Hard enough: My Way Records WAY 1214 (LP)
Piece of Noise: Poko Records PÄLP 131 (LP)
She Bop: Bluelight Records BLR 4562 2 (CD-EP)
Animal Beat: Poko Records POKOCD 167 (CD)
Fullahead: Bluelight Records BLR 3376 2 (CD)
Playmate: (PCD)
King for a Day: (PCD)
You Get me Wrong: (EP-PCD)

Frankie & Lovers
Se jokin sinulla on: Gold Disc GDS 262 (SP)

Freddie Falcon
Lonely Boy Blue: Poko Records PIS 031 (SP)
Blue: Poko Records PÄLP 8 (LP)
Rock House: Poko Records PIS 019 (SP)
Blue: Poko Records POKOCD 112 (CD)

Freddie "Fingers" Lee
Ol' One-Eyes Back:                   (MC)

Clockwork Toy: ID NOSE 8 (MC/LP)
Hall of Mirrors: Nervous NERD 016 (MC/LP/CD)
Nobody's Business: Cat Machine CAT MINI 001 (MC/EP)
I see Red: ID EYE T 7 (MC/EP)
This is the Fire: Rage LP 101  (MC/LP)
Live at 100 Club: Nervous NERD 033 (MC/LP+PCD)
Sally's Pink Bedroom: ID NOSE 19 (MC/LP)

Freud Marx Engels & Jung
Koottuja teoksia: Megamania MGMCD 2045 (CD)

Garth Brooks
She’s Every Woman: Capitol DPRO-10301 (CD-SP)
Stading Outside the Fire: Liberty Records 7243 8 8136020 (CD-EP)
Longneck Bottle: Capitol CDSP 163 (CD-SP)

Rockabilly Sound Again: Finnlevy KRÄKS 28 (SP)
Rockabillyä: Finnlevy SFK 2033 (MC+PCD)

Gene Summers
Dance Dance Dance:                 (MC/LP)

Gene Vincent
Born to be a Rolling Stone: Masters MA11101183 (LP) 
Legends in Music: Legends LECD 006 (CD)
Bebopalula: Object Enterprises OR0026 (MC/CD)
The Bop They Couldn't Stop:              (MC/LP)
Greatest:                                (MC/LP)
Members Edition: MCPS UAE 31292 (CD)
Rock & Roll Hero: MCPS RR006 (CD)
And His Blue Caps: Not Now Music NOT2CD249 (2CD)

George Jones
George Jones: Disky SI 857322 (CD)

Glen Campbell
Original Gold CD1: Disky BX 852922 (CD)
Original Gold CD2: Disky BX 852932 (CD)

Golden Rocket
Rockin' Rollin/Let's Rock: Hi-Hat HIS 1084 (SP)
Guana Batz
Loan Sharks: ID NOSE 10 (MC/LP)
I'm on Fire: ID EYE T 9 (MC/EP)
Rough Edger:            (MC/LP)
Live Over London:       (MC/LP+PCD)
Held Down to Vinyl... At Last:        (MC/LP)
Electra Glide in blue (MC/CD)

Guy Mitchell
Singing the Blues: Spectrum U4014 (CD)
Singing the Blues: Columbia 982748 7 (SP)

Hank Williams
The Very Best of:                (MC)
Radiossa YLE2:                   (MC)

Honey B. & T-Bones
Queen Bee against Dr. Oddball: Parlophone 062-1385231(LP)

I Never Lie to You: Goofin’ Records GRS 602 (CD-SP)

25 Golden Greats: Love Records LXCD 619 (CD)
The Legacy: Love Records LXCD 601 (3CD)